Supply of Three Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants at Vatolakos – M.Sirini and Rodia Settlements of Grevena Municipality at Grevena Prefecture– Settlement of Rodia



Municipality of Grevena


400 pe


333.000 €

Wastewater treatment plant with compact biological treatment units using Moving Bed BioReactor (M.B.B.R.) method. The influent wastewater is pretreated in compact systems combining screening, grit and oil removal and stored in a prefabricated equalization tank. The pretreated wastewater is pumped to the compact biological treatment unit using M.B.B.R. method. The effluent is disinfected in the chlorination tank and finally discharged to the adjacent river. The biological waste sludge produced is stored and thickened in a prefabricated tank where from it is taken away periodically by tanker.