Prefabricated Reverse Osmosis Unit

Product Description:

The product is an integrated solution, fast and easy to implement, for the removal of solids and conductivity from sea or ground water.

The influent is fed to a pressure sand filter, where suspended solids are removed, in order to protect the membranes. This filter is installed inside a metallic container, where the rest of the required equipment is installed as well.

The effluent of the pressure filter is then fed to cartridge filters in series and from there, the water is fed to the membranes through a high pressure pump. All the above mentioned equipment and all of the necessary chemical dosing systems for pH adjustment, cleaning of membranes and filters etc. are pre-installed in a metal container and connected hydraulically and electrically.

The operation of the product is automatic and regulated by a local control panel with automation system and PLC.
By transporting the container on the site of the project, for the completion of the installation only external hydraulic connections (water ingress to processing and connection of clean water and condensate disposal), electricity internal power and automation drive array are required.


  • Standard, pre-designed system
  • Compact, robust, prefabricated, easily transportable
  • Easily expandable facilities (by adding additional modules)
  • Easy and quick installation with zero field works (concrete base)
  • High effluent quality (compared with typical sand filters)


  • potable water treatment either ground or seawater
  • Special water treatment (high-purity industrial uses)
  • Posttreatment high load wastewater, e.g. landfill leachate