MESOGEOS Group is one of the largest groups in the field of environmental protection in Greece. It is highly-positioned in the market of water, waste water and solid waste treatment as well as renewable energy production and energy saving. MESOGEOS is also active in other countries like Cyprus, Romania, Azerbaijan, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro.

MESOGEOS is active in the following sectors:

    • Concession contracts as well as Public-Private Sector Partnerships contracts and performance based contracts for Integrated Water Supply, solid waste and wastewater treatment, energy saving
    • Operation and maintenance services for networks, water, waste water and solid waste treatment facilities and energy systems
    • Technical support and consultation of Municipal Companies for Water Supply and Sewerage as well as solid waste management, energy saving etc
    • Design and construction of treatment plants and networks
    • Development and supply of prefabricated compact water and wastewater treatment systems

Our Strategy:Sustainable Development

Cutting edge technologies: MESOGEOS provides pioneering technological solutions by developing innovative treatment technologies. The R & D department of the group consists of highly specialized scientists and is in close cooperation with Universities and Research Centers.

Sustainable water and waste treatment: The business model of MESOGEOS is oriented towards providing integrated solutions instead of selling individual products. This allows the environmental evaluation of the whole life cycle of the product and recycling. MESOGEOS develops closed loop systems, with the reuse of treated wastewater and waste recycling with an aim to minimize the materials rejected to the environment and with new technologies aiming to increase productivity, and subsequently optimize the consumption of natural resources and ensure sustainability. MESOGEOS has been certified to ISO 9000 and ISO 14000.

Quality, security, & professional ethic: MESOGEOS, certified to OSHAS 18000 standards, regards the health and safety of the employees as an overriding priority and ensures working conditions in accordance with the legislative requirements and the internationally recognized Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards.

Key Milestones in the History of Mesogeos SA


Establishment of MESOGEOS S.A. by Dionysios Georgopoulos-chemical engineer, and Georgios Alegras-electrical engineer, as well as other members with remarkable experience in the fields of environmental protection and Local Administration


Registration of MESOGEOS S.A. in the 4th class of the Greek Contracting Firm Register (MEEP)


Operation of the Environmental Research and Development Dept (R & D) aiming at the development of environmental technologies


Upgrading of MESOGEOS S.A. to the 5th class of MEEP


Establishment of the packaged plants manufacturing branch


Establishment of the environmental facilities Operation and Maintenance (O&M) branch


Upgrading of MESOGEOS S.A. to the sixth (6th) class of MEEP


Establishment of MESOGEOS WATER S.A.

Establishment of MESOGEOS WATER CYPRUS Ltd.

First concession contract: Paphos desalination unit


Laskaridis Group and Eurobank participate in MESOGEOS SA.


MESOGEOS participates in PPP projects for solid waste management



Preferred bidder for the Ilia solid waste PPP project

MESOGEOS wins the first contract in Azerbaijan: “Rehabilitation of the old dumpsite and construction of a new sanitary landfill for Bacu”.


MESOGEOS acquires MES ENERGY (51%), a company specialized in renewable energy and energy saving.
At the end of the year MESOGEOS signs the first contract in Montenegro “Rehabilitation of Bar-Cafe dumping site”


MESOGEOS Group restructuring: MESOGEOS sells the subsidiaries with similar activities.

In 2008 MESOGEOS relocated to self-owned offices of 3.000 m2, at Aeolou street, right at the historic center of Athens. It also has offices in Thessaloniki, Cyprus and Bucharest.