Description of Technology:

The method combines the benefits of attached growth biomass (the main processes takes place in the biofilm) with suspended-growth biomass (uses the entire available volume of the bioreactor).


The biofilm grows in special biocarriers, that remain in the bioreactor using special devices (gratings).

Comparison of basic design-operation parameters:

Activated sludgeM.B.B.R.
Typical biomass concentration in the bioreactor3-5 kg/m30,25-0,5 kg/m3
Typical values of Sludge Volume Index(SVI)125-150ml/gr<50ml/gr
Typical value of max surface hydraulic load of sedimentation tanks1m/hr1,8m/hr
Biomass concentration retentionVia sludge recirculationThrough biocarriers


The method of “Moving bed bio reactor – MBBR has developed greatly over the last 10 years mainly due to the small footprint, but counts additional advantages over the conventional extended aeration:

    • Increased flexibility in hydraulic fluctuations
    • Reduced energy requirements
    • Significant reduction of excess sludge produced
    • Excess sludge with much higher settleability index
    • Smaller footprint and lower requirements for mixed liquor separtion
    • Significant reduction of amounts of sludge for disposal => reduce operational costs
    • No requirement for sludge recirculation => reduction in capital and operational costs

MESOGEOS applies this method for::

  • Construction of new wastewater treatment plants with small available area
  • Extensions of existing wastewater treatment plants with limited area
  • Construction of new WWTP for small settlements with large seasonal variations compact MBBR systems.

Case Study:

METAGITSI WWTP, Sithonia Municipality, Halkidiki

Installation of an urban wastewater treatment plant with capacity 1,800 pe and includes the following sub-units:Installation of an urban wastewater treatment plant with capacity 1,800 pe and includes the following sub-units:

  • Compact pretreatment unit
  • Equalization tank and pumping station
  • Δύο ανεξάρτητα compact συγκροτήματα βιολογικής επεξεργασίας τύπου M.B.B.R.
  • Two independent compact MBBR treatment units
  • Filter
  • Chlorination – dechlorination effluent and disposal and reuse for irrigation

Project Data :

InfluentUrban wastewater
Capacity1.800 pe
346 m3/day
Influent organic load108 kg BOD/day
312 mg/l
Effluent qualityBOD = 15 mg/l
TSS = 15 mg/l
TN = 10 mg/l
Waste sludge produced40 tnSS/year
Biological stageCompact M.B.B.R.
Number or installed units2
ModelUW-CHEM 200 M.B.B.R.
Dimensions12,20m x 2,40m x 2,90m