Mobile composting



It is a process of aerobic biological treatment (composting), through the controlled aeration of sludge into horizontal cylindrical bags sealed at their ends. The system is mobile and modular, which allows expansion and flexibility due to seasonal variation of the quantity of sludge. The installation of the system is easy, fast and simple, as no civil works are required.

The first step is the mixing of the sludge with a structure material (sawdust, pruning) in order to acquire the required characteristics that will then allow the efficient biological process. The plastic bags are filled with the mixture of sludge and structure material through a machine with hopper and screw which pushes the mixture in the bags.

Unlike the open windrow composting wherein the compost is in parallel rows on the ground which are turned, the described system does not require turning. On the contrary, the forced aeration of the mixture ensures an adequate oxygen flow, which is necessary for the aerobic degradation.

The control of the process is achieved through an automatic control system, which receives data from sensors and adjusts the ventilation of each bag.

Through biological treatment the hygienization of the sludge and the destruction of pathogens are achieved. The result is the production of a stabilized and odorless material which can be used as fertilizer:




  • Environmental management according to National and European legislation
  • Minimized odors and dust in the atmosphere, as it is a closed system
  • Protection from weather conditions that can affect the sludge treatment
  • Simplicity in design and operation of the system
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Possibility to extend and expand capacity
  • Production of a usable product

Case Study:


In Tagarades Landfill Site 40,000 tons of sludge were disposed in an area of 24 acres. In order to provide safe and healthy conditions in the site of Tagarades Landfill it was necessary to treat and backfill the existing sludge.

The method chosen for the treatment of sludge is composting in closed bags and includes the following steps:

  • mixing the sludge with sawdust, which can be used as structure material
  • The filling of bags with the material
  • composting of the mixture into the bag for at least six weeks
  • temporary storage of the mixture until the backfilling

Project Data:

Type of waste Sewage sludge
Quantity40.000 tn
Duration14 months