Leachate Treatment with M.B.R. followed by R.O.


The state-of-the-art method of treating leachate from landfills is a combination of the most innovative representatives of biological and physicochemical treatment:

  • Biological treatment using membrane bioreactors (MBR)
  • Physical separation even soluble compounds from the liquid by the process of reverse osmosis

The leachate is hydraulically equalized and homogenized in a equalization tank of sufficient volume, and then is fed to the biological stage. The mixed liquid is separated with the use of ultrafiltration membranes producing a clarified liquid and a concentrated biomass, part of which is recirculated to the bioreactor and the another (smaller) part is removed as waste sludge. The above separation is usually performed by UF membranes, which are installed in a pressure vessel, outside the biological tank.

The whole ultrafiltration membrane equipment of the MBR system is installed in a container near the bioreactors. The filtrate of ultrafiltration membranes (outflow MBR) feeds the reverse osmosis through a small intermediate tank and a feed pump. Similarly, the entire reverse osmosis equipment is installed in a second container.



  • Compact, flexible system
  • prefabricated units, direct installation with minimal concrete works
  • Efficient process with high quality effluent
  • Minimize footprint

Case Study:

Leachate Treatment Plant of Ileia Landfill Site

The project involves the treatment of leachate produced in a sanitary landfill site, where residual waste are disposed .

The LTP of Ilea Lanfill will treat the following wastewater:

  • landfill leachate
  • Urban wastewater from project staff
  • Liquid waste from garbage trucks and other vehicles cleaning
  • leachate from anaerobic digestion

The plant combines biological and physicochemical treatment methods includes the following units:

  • Equalization tank and pumping station
  • Coagulation – Sedimentation Unit
  • Biological Treatment using Membrane Bioreactor (M.B.R.) method
  • Sludge Storage – Thickening Tank
  • R.O Unit
  • Disinfection of effluent in chlorination tank
  • Effluent storage tank and irrigation – recirculation pumping station



1.361.200 €


Leachate from residual waste sanitary landfill site


80 m3/day

Design flow

5,2 m3/hr

Influent organic load, ΒΟD5

800 kg/day

10.000 mg/l

Effluent quality


25 mg/l


125 mg/l

Waste sludge

370 kg/day