Recycling and composting of municipal solid waste of Zakynthos Municipality

MESOGEOS S.A. signed a contract with the Solid Waste Managerial Authority of Zakynthos Prefecture for “Leasing of equipment and municipal solid waste management with recycling and composting of Zakynthor Municipality”, total contract value 196.000 €.

Scope of the contract is the leasing and installation of the necessary equipment as an imminent and temporary solution for the treatment with recycling and composting of 4.000 tonnes of municipal solid waste amd the  operation, organisation and maintenance of the equipment.

Supply installation and operation of an RO unit for the treatment of landfill leachate

MESOGEOS SA signed a contract with the REGIONAL ASSOCIATION of SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT BODIES(FoDSA) OF CENTRAL MACEDONIA which includes the supply of a mobile landfill leachate treatment plant with the method of reverse osmosis with a capacity of  200m3 / day. Furthermore, the contract includes the operation and maintenance for one (1) year of the unit.

The total value of the contract is 988.000 €.

Construction of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Facility – Kharkiv Ukraine

The joint venture of MESOGEOS SA and the turkish Gökşin is one of the three participants prequalified for the project “Construction of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Facility Including System of Landfill Gas Collection and Power Generation” in Kharkiv Ukraine.

The project includes the contruction of a solid waste sorting plant, a sanitary landfill site and biogas utilization system  for energy generation.