Compact UF refineries


For the tertiary treatment of water MESOGEOS SA supplies and installs prefabricated ultrafiltration membrane systems which are a fast and efficient solution for the production of high quality water.

With ultrafiltration membrane systems (UltraFiltration membranes) complete water treatment is achieved, removing suspended solids and certain colloids while producing a high quality water free of pathogens and viruses, since their size is larger than the pores of these membranes. These compact, single, autonomous systems that can be installed and startup immediately, while having very small footprint requirements.

These units consist of one or more arrays of membranes with nominal pore size max. 0,02 – 0,04mm that are fed with a special pump and low pressure. The membranes used are hollow fibers and retain all particles of size from 0.02 to 0.04 microns and above. The filtering is accomplished by pushing (flow under low pressure) of fluid from the outside of the hollow fibers to the inner cylinder by a suitable feeding pump. The system is continuous and self-cleaning. Removal of the solids on the membrane surface is accomplished by blowing air at a low pressure inside the membrane, which pushes the pure water upstream of the filter (from the inside out) by means of a small blower – compressor and the water required for backwash may be provided by the stored filtered-pure water within the membrane.



    • Novel, pre-designed system
    • Modular structure and flexible design of each installation
    • Easily expandable facilities (by adding additional membranes)
    • Easy and quick installation with small civil works needed (concrete base)
    • High effluent quality (compared with typical sand filters)


    • Water refineries
    • Potable water treatment
    • Potable water treatment