Prefabricated membrane tanks

Product Description:

The product is an application of membrane bioreactors using prefabricated metal tanks, into which the filter membranes are immersed.

Prefabricated membrane tanks are an integral part of the biomass separation in MBR systems, incorporating all the necessary electromechanical equipment for the efficient operation of the unit.

It is composed of prefabricated metal tanks, submerged filtration membranes and the installed pipework (filtered liquid, slurry, air, etc.) and they have all the necessary stand-bys for local connection with the necessary equipment (pumps, blowers, etc.) and other units of the project (biological tanks, sludge etc.)

They have a modular structure, allowing the combination of more units to create an appropriate model with the necessary capacity.


  • Standard, pre-designed system
  • Modular structure makes the design of each installation flexible
  • Easily expandable facilities (by adding additional units)
  • Significant reduction of civil and e/m works => minimize completion time of projects
  • Responsibility of the supplier of the system and high quality technical support after the supply



MESOGEOS installs prefabricated membrane tanks for:

  • Construction of new municipal and other(industrial, landfill leachate, etc.) wastewater treatment plant with limited available area and at the same time high performance requirements
  • Extensions of existing wastewater treatment plants with limited area and high quality effluent requirements
  • Upgrades existing wastewater treatment plants to improve effluent quality
  • Extensions or existing sewage treatment plant upgrades with short delivery times and minimum field work