Compact reuse systems


Product Description:

The product is a compact, integrated solution for the reuse of treated wastewater by incorporating membranes and other machinery in a closed autonomous container.

Ultrafiltration membranes used in pressure vessels are suitable for the retention of suspended solids from the secondary effluent of a typical wastewater treatment plant, while at the same time achieve disinfection, due to the larger size of most pathogenic microorganisms from the membranes. This allows the reuse of treated wastewater safely after fully meeting the requirements of the greek and European legislation.

The system is an autonomous unit which can be installed even in existing WWTP downstream secondary sedimentation without special fieldwork requirements, since all equipment is pre-installed in containers, which are simply installed on a concrete foundation.The ultrafiltration membrane systems have modular structure allowing the combination of more units to create the appropriate model with the necessary capacity.


  • Standard, pre-designed system
  • Modular structure makes particularly flexible the design of each installation
  • Easily expandable facilities (by adding additional membranes)
  • Easy and quick installation with zero field requirements (only a concrete base)
  • High effluent quality (compared with typical sand filters)

MESOGEOS installs prefabricated wastewater reuse systems:

  • Construction of new urban and other(industrial, landfill leachate, etc.) wastewater treatment plant with high quality effluent requirements.
  • Upgrades existing wastewater treatment plants to improve effluent quality for reuse for irrigation.

Case Study:


The project involved the supply and installation of a tertiary treatment system with integrated membrane ultrafiltration (UF) for the treatment of secondary effluent of the WWTP Poros – Skala N.Kefalonias. All the necessary equipment, including membranes and the pre-filtration was pre-installed in a metal container with hinged doors.

Project Data:

Budget1.600.000 incl VAT
InfluentSecondary effluent
Capacity36 m3/hr
Effluent quality, SS1 mg/l
Achieved solids retention97%
Dimensions6,00 x 2,40 x 2,60