Environmental upgrade and restoration works in the waste disposal site of Pera Galinon


Solid Waste Management Association of Crete




165.000 tones annually


19.500.000 €



Within the scope of the contract signed by MESOGEOS S.A. and the Solid Waste Management Association of Crete, in 18/09/2007, our company has materialized the difficult project of restoring and upgrading the dumpsite in P.Galinon into a modernl, state-of- the-art, sanitary landfill following all latest technological trends.
The project consisted of four stages:

  • Restoring part of the dumpsite and creating a new state- of – the –art cell 35.000 m2 on top of the restored area
  • Restoring the rest of the dumpsite 75.000 m2
  • Restoring the sludge disposal area 10.000 m2
  • Tree -year Operation and Maintenance of the landfill

Through these stages the dumpsite turned into a modern sanitary landfill site. MESOGEOS has also taken on the three-year operation and maintenance of all the works at the landfill site on P. Galinon. More specifically, the following procedures are performed on a daily basis:

  • Control of the incoming waste (monitoring, weighing, recording, sampling)
  • Spreading, compacting and covering the waste material with soil
  • Management of the biogas produced
  • Environmental monitoring of the underground and surface water as well as of the biogas
  • Leachate management and operation of the treatment facility
  • Maintenance of the mobile and all the electromechanical equipment

To sum up, at the sanitary landfill of P. Galinon, MESOGEOS has conceived and applied a management plan which ensures public health and protects the environment according to the international practices and the legislation. By complying with the safety and health regulations, the safety of the facilities and the effective operation of the equipment are also ensured. At the same time, the consumption of energy, water, chemicals and by-products as well as the nuisance by odors and noise are minimized.

According to the contract, the operation of the Landfill was given to the contractor for 3 years , enough time for the new cell to be filled and covered before the takeover by the owner. However, the increase of the number of the Municipalities served by this Cell, especially of the 8 municipalities of Messara, changed significant the time table for filling up the cell, decreasing its lifetime. The immediate expansion of the cell was necessary for the disposal of the increased waste load. On the 19/07/2012 the 1st Supplementary contract was signed for the following works:

  • Extension of the existing cell (B cell) for a total area of 30 t.sqm
  • The expansion of the Leachate collection and recirculation networks
  • The construction of an additional equalization tank
  • The Expansion of the Leachate treatment plant with the membrane bioreactors (Membrane Bio-Reactor,MBR) technology. The new L.T.P. should have two independent and parallel Biological Treatment Lines (B.T.L)
  • The extension of the operation time of the existing cell in order to satisfy the needs of the due municipalities (according to Article 56 of N.3669/2008 and the Decisions of the Executive Committee of ESDAK 73/2010, 13/2011 and 25/2011
  • The operation of the new cell for six months

The extension of the new cell end the expansion of the Leachate treatment plant ensure the extended storage capacity (volume of Waste load) and the treatment to the desired degree of the produced Leachate, eliminating the possibility of environmental pollution. This ensures the well and continuous operation of the Landfill.