Design and construction of Kannavious Refinery Cyprus


Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources & Environment, Water Development Department, Cyprus




10.000 m3/day


4.081.880,06 €



The scope of this project was:

  • The inlet works for the raw water by connecting with the main water pipeline (DN700) from the existing dam Kanavviou
  • The Water Treatment Plant (EEN) and the pumping station of clean water
  • The operation of the plant for 12 months after the completion of works

More specifically, the Water Treatment Plant consisted of the following:

  • Input ofraw water
  • Flowmeter
  • Gridding for removal of algae, floating and / or bulky materials
  • Equalization tank for the reduction of suspended solids in raw water particularly after periods of heavy rain
  • Pre-aeration to reduce H2S, CO2, Fe, Mn, oxidation of the organic load and improve the taste of water
  • Pumping station for supplying the filter unit
  • Pre – disinfection of raw water
  • Rapid mixing in a static mixer with addition of flocculant
  • Two-stage Filtration (2 filters in series). Pre-filtration stage and main filtration with addition of polyelectrolyte upstream of the main filter stage
  • pH adjustment
  • Disinfection of filtered water and storage in a closed tank
  • Potable water pumping station
  • Treatment of backwash water in a gravity thickener and drying beds