Biomass Station 250 kWp – Location “VAGIA” Agios Loukas Aliveri Evia


The company is planning a 250kW project in the location “Vagia” Agios Loukas, Aliveri Evia. The company received the connection terms from DEDDIE SA, in may 2013 while the project for the time being, is at the stage of Environmental licensing after the submission of an MPE by the company, in late 2013. At the same time, the company is concluding raw material supply contracts, with local providers.

The unit will be operating using the method of anaerobic digestion and will use feedstock of olive husk, (oil mill’s waste), which will be supplied by the 10 local oil Mills and reed strains, which will be supplied from the nearby lake of Dystos. The unit is designed to process 13500 tons of feedstock per year.