Solid Waste Treatment Plant of Kefalonia Island

Contracting Authority

Intermunicipal Enterprise of Kefalonia


ITHAKI S.A. (100% subsidiary of MESOGEOS S.A.)


25.000 waste tons/year


3.700.165 €

Start of works


The project includes the design, construction and six month trial operation of Solid Waste Treatment Plant on Kefalonia Island.
The projects’ scope is the pretreatment and stabilization of the municipal waste of the island before their final disposal, as well as the recovery of a fraction for landfill cover material production. Both mechanical (shredding and screening) and aerobic biological treatment method, through enclosed and modular system which accelerates the composting process, are used.

Briefly, the plant consists of the following:

  • Reception, weighing and control of incoming waste
  • Unloading and temporary storage of waste
  • Waste shredding so as a homogenized material to be produced
  • Screening the shredded waste in order to separate the fine fraction and recover the biodegradable compounds
  • Bio-oxidation of the refined material so stabilization and hygienization of the waste to be achieved

The result of the process is:

      • Reduction of the produced odors and dust during the process without using biofilter
      • Reduction of the waste mass during the bio-oxidation phase by 36% and waste diversion from landfilling
      • Production of a stabilized, odorless and utilizable product
      • Proper operation of the treatment plant without high demands on personnel and maintenance