Rehabilitation of the asbestos disposal area of M.A.V.E. (Asbestos Mines of Northern Greece)


Prefectural Administration of Kozani




6.075.999,98 €

The project refers to the rehabilitation of the asbestos disposal area at the Asbestos Mines of Northern Greece (M.A.V.E.) in Kozani. The operation of the mines for 18 consecutive years had produced 69 million tons of mining wastes, which were a source of air and water pollution, while the massive piles of materials resulted in the aesthetic degradation of the scenery.

The works for the rehabilitation of the area include earthworks, planting works, gradient slope formation, as well as hydraulic works. Great attention was given to the work conditions, taking all the necessary measures to prevent pollution and systematically monitoring the quality of the surrounding area. The restoration of M.A.V.E. has been the most significant environmental project concerning asbestos in Greece up to date.