Mobile Green Point – Mobile Green Point – Waste management in isolated settlements or in areas with siting difficulties

Type of waste:

The materials that can be collected by a Mobile Green Point, are:

  • Packaging materials (paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metals, mix or wood packaging)
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Portable batteries and vehicle batteries
  • Used tires
  • Lubricant oil wastes
  • Edible fats and oils
  • Bulky household items

Product description:

Green Points are for the new National Waste Management Plan, a key element for the waste management system at a local level. Green Points are areas with appropriate infrastructure and equipment, so that residents can deposit of wastes for recycling or reuse. However, there are cases that the installation of infrastructure for a Green Point is not feasible. There are mountainous, rural or insular areas, with small and remote settlements, where the residents’ access to a central Green Point is difficult due to the distance, while the installation of a Green Point in each settlement is economically unviable. On the other hand, there are urban areas where the a Green Point is not feasible due to lack of available space.

The solution to these cases is the Mobile Green Point

This is a smart solution that features all the required facilities and equipment for the waste management on a tractor vehicle. Waste weighing, recording in an automatic computer program, quality control, waste sorting and finally the placement to the corresponding bucket/container can all be carried out in the Mobile Green Point. Among the facilities an additional waste compressor is included, in order to reduce the volume and increase the transported cargo.

The Mobile Green Point has been designed in order to ensure the maximum environmental effect combined with the maximum benefits and safety for the user. For its operation, a program is necessary, based on which the Mobile Green Point will be moving at certain times and days of the week at the points that will be set, eg the main square of a settlement. The residents of each settlement, after having attended a relevant educational program, will be aware of the times and the arrival day, as well as of the types of waste that a mobile green point collects.


  • User friendly
  • Flexibility
  • Easy access
  • No requirement for infrastructures and equipment installation
  • Ensure a successful implementation of a waste management program

The product in numbers:

Dimensions16,5m x 12,5m
Required area18m x 18m
Personnel1-2 trained persons